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How to Clean and Preserve a Wedding Gown

Today, we’re talking about how we clean and preserve those gowns. What happens when you drop off your wedding gown to be cleaned? Initial Inspection The very first thing our wedding gown cleaning specialists do is inspect your gown. We’re looking for obvious things like a giant red wine stain, but also tiny details, like [...]

No Stain – No Pain! Unusual Stain Removers

Are you familiar with that sinking feeling in your gut when you accidentally spill some red wine on your favourite pastel coloured cocktail dress? Well, no need to stress next time. Here are some unusual, quick-fix remedies for removing stains without too much hassle. 1. White Wine – Removes fresh red wine stains  Ironic as [...]

Benefits of Outsourcing Laundry

As we go through the daily grind, juggling professional, social, and financial responsibilities, we spend a significant proportion of our time on mundane chores like laundry. On average, a person spends approximately 12-18 hours a month on washing, drying, folding and ironing. Needless to say that all those lost hours can be put to much [...]

7 Tips to Make Laundry Day Better

Laundry days aren’t the cheerful days the ads make them out to be. They’re painful, time-consuming and full of confusion. And what do you get for all the effort? Clothes that could still be cleaner. We’ve all had these moments. We have a way around them for you. Below are a few tips that’ll make [...]

7 stain removal laundry hacks you need to know now

Stains on your clothes suck. Red wine stains on your white blazer, grass stains on your jeans, oil stains on your silk scarf: you’re never sure if they’ll come off. Read on for a few hacks to banish stains. But, remember, the earlier you work on removing them, the easier it is. The best part [...]

The Dangers of Indoor Laundry Drying (It’s Riskier than You Think)

Ever shrunk your favourite sweater in the wash or accidentally turned your whites to pinks, thanks to a forgotten red sock in the machine? Turns out these might not be your worst laundry nightmares. Research indicates that drying laundry indoors can increase the moisture level in your home by at least a third. High levels [...]

Laundry Dos and Don’ts Have you got the basics down?

Here’s a helpful list of dos and don’ts to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the basic laundry rules: DO sort lights and darks It is very tempting to stuff all your clothes into the washing machine and do the laundry in one big load. But you’d likely end up with lots [...]

5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Wardrobe!

Remember when your parents shouted at you for not keeping your wardrobe organized? Well, years have passed and some of us still have a messy wardrobe (raising hand in guilt). Here are the 5 easy ways to declutter your wardrobe! Throw it all out to sort them according to wearability factor. Use the hanger trick to [...]

6 Easy Ways to Wash Your Bedsheets

It’s been a long night and you are exhausted, waiting to dive on your bed and get that well-deserved sleep you need. A complete turn off in this scenario would be when you haven’t washed those bedsheets in a while. They might smell of sweat and dust. What do you do? You follow these 6 [...]

Mystery Care Symbols Explained

Is that itch from your new garment bothering you? You tried reading the strange itchy cloth and didn’t understand anything. Well, this guide is here to solve those mysterious care symbols which are actually for care instructions for you to know how to wash your clothes. Everybody has experienced it at least once – pulling [...]

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