How to Clean and Preserve a Wedding Gown

Today, we’re talking about how we clean and preserve those gowns. What happens when you drop off your wedding gown to be cleaned?

Initial Inspection

The very first thing our wedding gown cleaning specialists do is inspect your gown. We’re looking for obvious things like a giant red wine stain, but also tiny details, like any loose beadwork, a ripped hem, or any subtle discolouration. We make notes about each item so that when we’re cleaning the gown, we know to pay special attention to those areas.

Method Selection

Every wedding gown shouldn’t be cleaned the same way. Some gowns are silk, others are lace, while others still are covered in beading. One of the biggest reasons to choose a wedding gown cleaning specialist who is also a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists is that you can trust that they will assess the dress’ unique elements and choose a cleaning method suitable for each dress.

Cleaning & Pressing

Because each gown is made differently, the way we clean a wedding gown is dependant on the gown itself. Some of cleaning options include Solvair®, a heatless and odourless method, Intense®, a gentle and eco-friendly method, as well as wet cleaning. No matter the cleaning method, your gown will come out looking like new!

The Big Inspection

We believe that you should get a chance to inspect your wedding gown before it is packed up and preserved, so once the cleaning is done, we give you a call and have you give your wedding gown a once over. This also saves you from receiving your gown in its wedding chest and feeling like the first thing you need to do is open the box and make sure that we got that stain out!


We use acid free paper, body forms, and boxes to package your gown into one of our wedding chests. We also send along some white cotton gloves for you so that if you’d like to sneak a peek at your gown in the future, you can! Our wedding chests are resealable, so you can enjoy your wedding gown while still preserving it.

And that’s how it’s done! One of the best pieces of advice we give brides is to schedule your wedding gown cleaning and preservation now so that you can head out on your honeymoon knowing that your dress is being taken care of.

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