Benefits of Outsourcing Laundry

As we go through the daily grind, juggling professional, social, and financial responsibilities, we spend a significant proportion of our time on mundane chores like laundry. On average, a person spends approximately 12-18 hours a month on washing, drying, folding and ironing. Needless to say that all those lost hours can be put to much better use.

This is where commercial laundry services come in handy and today we are going to share with you some benefits of outsourcing your laundry

1. Time-efficiency

By using external laundry services you can devote the same amount of time to activities or tasks that you love or those that require your specific attention. You can also spend more time with family and friends, thereby improving your personal relationships which in turn will instil a sense of enhanced well-being within you.

Thanks to contemporary digital trends, it is now possible to do away with even the minimal effort of dropping off and picking up your laundry from the cleaners. Probee DryClean, for instance, picks up your laundry and delivers it back to you a day later. All you have to do is sit back and click the buttons.

2. Health Benefits

Laundry services facilitate reductions in stress levels by taking some load off your hands (pun intended), thus leaving you comparatively more relaxed. The extra time also preserves your energy levels and reduces irritation and anxiety.

3. Quality of Wash

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, giving your laundry to a professional service will ensure all the clothes are washed according to the requirements of various fabrics, colours and textures. Continued expert care will subsequently elongate the shelf-life of your outfits.

4. Flexibility

Using a digitised laundry service like Probee DryClean also affords flexibility with regards to the collection and delivery times, as well as offers a host of customisable options and packages to suit individual needs. It works around your schedule and not vice versa.

Probee Dry Clean is the UAE’s leading online dry cleaning & laundry service offering unparalleled levels of service and quality cleaning right across Dubai. Our 5-star laundry service replaces the need for using your local laundrette or dry cleaner and offers a quick & convenient laundry pick up service direct to your home.

Probee Dry Clean is the world’s fastest growing online laundry & dry cleaning service delivering laundry & dry cleaning direct to your door. Simply fill our provided laundry bags with your clothing and we’ll collect, clean & deliver at a time and place that suits you best. Our mobile laundry service is even backed by our service guarantee.